How Does FDI in East Asia Affect Performance at Home?: Evidence from Electrical Machinery Manufacturing Firms

執筆者 MATSUURA Toshiyuki  (Fellow, RIETI) /MOTOHASHI Kazuyuki  (Faculty Fellow, RIETI) /HAYAKAWA Kazunobu  (Institute of Developing Economies)
発行日/NO. 2008年9月  08-E-034


This paper pinpoints the impact of Japanese electronic machinery FDIs on productivity at home. Our analysis is based on the activity level of firms and not on their ready-made level. For example, if a firm has more than two kinds of activities such as upstream activity and downstream activity, we treat these activities as different. Our empirical results are consistent with their theoretical predictions: the horizontal FDI of an activity does not necessarily have the same significant positive impact on the productivity of domestic activities as the invested activity. On the other hand, the vertical FDI of an activity significantly enhances both the level and growth of productivity in domestic activities that have an input-output relationship with the invested activity.