Dissecting Offshore Outsourcing and R&D: A Survey of Japanese Manufacturing Firms

執筆者 伊藤 萬里  (ヴィジティングスカラー) /冨浦 英一  (ファカルティフェロー) /若杉 隆平  (研究主幹)
発行日/NO. 2007年11月  07-E-060


This paper summarizes main descriptive results from the survey on a wide range of offshore outsourcing and R&D. This survey covers more than five thousand large-sized firms across all manufacturing industries in Japan. The principal findings are as follows. Merely 21% of the firms are outsourcing offshore. Nearly two-thirds of the cases, firms are outsourcing production-related tasks to East Asia. More than one-third of the cases, especially often in R&D and customer supports, tasks are outsourced to own offshore affiliates within the boundary of multinational firm. Offshore R&D is often integrated with corporate headquarters and is motivated for supporting the production and sales in the local market. The survey also covers firm's evaluation of the intellectual property rights protection in 56 countries.