Do Larger Firms Have More Interfirm Relationships?

執筆者 SAITO (UMENO) Yukiko  (Fujitsu Research Institute) /渡辺 努  (ファカルティフェロー) /IWAMURA Mitsuru  (Waseda University)
発行日/NO. 2007年5月  07-E-028


In this study, we investigate interfirm networks by employing a unique dataset containing information on more than 800,000 Japanese firms, about half of all corporate firms currently operating in Japan. First, we find that the number of relationships, measured by the indegree, has a fat-tail distribution, implying that there exist "hub" firms with a large number of relationships. Moreover, the indegree distribution for those hub firms also exhibits a fat tail, suggesting the existence of "super-hub" firms. Second, we find that larger firms tend to have more counterparts, but that the relationship between firms' size and the number of their counterparts is not necessarily proportional; firms that already have a large number of counterparts tend to grow without proportionately expanding it.

Published: Yukiko Umeno Saito, Tsutomu Watanabe and Mitsuru Iwamura, 2007. "Do Larger Firms Have More Interfirm Relationships?" Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Vol. 383(1), pp. 158-163.