Corporate Finance and Human Resource Management

執筆者 ABE Masahiro  (Faculty Fellow) /HOSHI Takeo  (Faculty Fellow )
発行日/NO. 2004年8月  04-E-027


Corporate governance can be defined to be an institution that constrains relations between corporate managers and various stakeholders, including shareholders, creditors, workers, suppliers, and customers. Under this broad definition, corporate governance is a system of various sub-systems that are complementary to one another. This paper focuses on two sub-systems of the Japanese corporate governance: one on corporate finance and another on human resource management. After briefly documenting the characteristics of the Japanese corporate governance in these two sub-systems, the paper discusses how each sub-system has been going through substantial changes in recent years. Examining the data for 58 listed companies, we find preliminary evidence on the complementarity between the two sub-systems. The firms that have non-traditional ownership structure (especially high foreign ownership) seem to have more non-traditional human resource management practices.