Artificial Intelligence and Society: Philosophy of Fallibility
Part 10: Relationship between Innovation and the Social System—Abstract

Faculty Fellow, RIETI

Below, I aim to identify the relationship of the value of individual virtue to the whole of the social system under the Rawlsian philosophy. If explained along the lines of the discussion that used mathematical formulas (Part 8) , the objective is to introduce the relationship represented by Formula (2) into the Rawlsian liberal political philosophy, which recognizes only the relationship represented by Formula (1). By doing that, we can consider the question "What kind of life can we live in this era of AI?" When considering this question, faith in the infinite progress of "expanded reason," which was discussed in the previous section, is crucial. Furthermore, "innovation," as a concept that connects the progress of expanded reason to activities in individual lives, is also important. That is because it is innovation that determines the prior knowledge of people in the original position when the social system is chosen under the veil of ignorance. The structure of the discussion can be summarized into the following four points:

  1. (i) The social system is valuable because it maximizes the expected utility of humans (individual virtue) under the veil of ignorance.
  2. (ii) The prior knowledge necessary for upgrading the social system can be obtained through innovations (achieved by expanded reason enhanced by AI).
  3. (iii) As innovations contribute to the upgrading of the social system, they have social value. In other words, the value of innovations springs from the value of a future, upgraded social system.
  4. (iv) Individual virtue has social value in that it contributes to innovations.

The values of individual virtue, the social system, and innovation sustain themselves by creating a loop starting from individual virtue, the social system and innovation, and returning to individual virtue; that is, the social system is valuable as it enhances individual virtue, innovation is valuable as it enhances the social system, and individual virtue is valuable as it enhances innovation.

August 19, 2022

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