BBL Seminars

RIETI's periodic Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) seminars welcome an array of guest experts to share their research and views. The sessions encourage lively discussion that contributes to dynamic policy-related debate.
Presently, BBL Seminars are not open to the public as spaces are limited. Select transcripts are available below.

Past BBL Seminars Reports and Summaries

  • January 20, 2021

    [DX Series] European AI Strategy for Digital Economy: What Japan should learn from the EU

    • Speaker: Martin SCHULZ (Chief Policy Economist, Strategy Planning Division , Fujitsu Ltd.)
    • Commentator: NAKAJIMA Atsushi (Consulting Fellow, RIETI / Professor, University of Niigata Prefecture)
    • Moderator: SABURI Masataka (Director, PR Strategy, RIETI / Special Advisor to the Minister, METI)


  • January 15, 2021

    Basis & Practice of Management Accounting in the Public Sector

    • Speaker: OHNISHI Junya (Visiting Scholar in Policy Research Institute, MOF / Visiting Professor, College of Commerce, Senshu University)
    • Speaker: OHTACHIME Katsuya (KPMG AZSA LLC / Partner / CPA)
    • Speaker: KASHIWAGI Megumi (Research Director, The Canon Institute for Global Studies)
    • Speaker: FUJINO Masafumi (Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University)
    • Moderator: SABURI Masataka (Director, PR Strategy, RIETI)


  • January 14, 2021

    [Global Intelligence Series] The International Economic Policy Challenges for the Biden Administration

  • December 17, 2020

    [Global Intelligence Series] Getting America Back in the Game: A multilateral perspective

  • December 16, 2020

    [Global Intelligence Series] Challenges and Opportunities for India-Japan Economic Partnership

  • December 11, 2020

    [Global Intelligence Series] Biden's Climate Change Options in a Divided Congress

  • December 10, 2020

    [Global Intelligence Series] Enhancing Intelligence: How AI changes the view of the world

    • Speaker: MATSUO Yutaka (Professor, Department of Technology Management for Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
    • Speaker: NISHIYAMA Keita (Visiting Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo / Former Director-General, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI)
    • Moderator: WATANABE Tetsuya (Vice President, RIETI)


  • December 8, 2020

    [Global Intelligence Series] Build Back Better? The Future of the US-China Economic Relationship

  • November 30, 2020

    [Global Intelligence Series] Israel Moves the World: How should Japan proceed?

    • Speaker: SAWAHATA Go (Senior News Editor, Editor in Chief, NHK Nagasaki Bureau)
    • Commentator: TAMURA Ryohei (Director, Middle East and Africa Division, Trade Policy Bureau, METI)
    • Moderator: WATANABE Tetsuya (Vice President, RIETI)


  • November 26, 2020

    Economic Outlook and the Asia Pacific Region - A Long, Uneven and Uncertain Ascent -

    • Speaker: SUMI Chikahisa (Director, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, International Monetary Fund (IMF))
    • Commentator: MATSUMOTO Kayo (Director, Policy Planning and Research Office, Trade Policy Bureau, METI)
    • Moderator: SABURI Masataka (Director, PR Strategy, RIETI)