Policy Recommendations to the G20

The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) is providing policy proposals in timely manner toward the G20 Summit to be held in Osaka in June 2019, via its involvement with Think20 (T20), one of the official engagement groups of the G20.

T20 Japan 2019

Corporate Reorganization and Revitalization in Japan Project

This project focuses on the determinants of post-workout performance of companies undergoing private restructurings through debt forgiveness by banks or court-ordered reorganizations under the Civil Rehabilitation Law, and asks the question: What is the role of discipline imposed by rehabilitation funds in corporate rehabilitations involving non-removal of management? Empirical analysis is used to analyze the impact of such measures as DIP (debtor in possession), debt restructuring, majority stock acquisition, and acquisition of majority seats on a board of directors. The project compares U.S. experiences in corporate rehabilitation in the 1980s and the current situation in Japan. Based on this, the project seeks to identify problems in industry revitalization related to corporate revitalization and propose measures for the future.

Corporate Reorganization and Revitalization in Asia Project

Fragility of corporate governance is cited as one of the causes of the Asian currency crisis. Based on joint studies of Thailand and Korea, this project analyzes the impact of corporate governance reform, particularly changes made in ownership and control in family businesses, on the revitalization of companies that failed during the currency crisis. Using this approach, this project seeks to reexamine the various problems of corporate governance in East Asia and derive lessons that may be applied to the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and reform of banks in China.

Enterprise Law as a Structure for Incentives

This project commenced in April 2007, involving researchers and members of the business community with different areas of expertise as it sought to examine legal systems that could influence incentive negotiations among providers of resources essential to corporate activity. These legal systems come under the common heading of "enterprise law." This feature will publish summaries of the discussions in the Enterprise Law as a Structure for Incentives series of workshops, which will be held approximately once a month.

Developing the Research Frontier in Corporate Governance Analysis

This project aims to develop discussions on corporate governance in Japan by disseminating information and exchanging opinions on the RIETI website regarding industrial organization and competition policies, from viewpoints including corporate law, M&A law, and financial product transaction law, among policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners both within and outside the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and RIETI.


IT@RIETI is now completed. It compiled RIETI fellows' research products related to ICT (information, communication and telecommunications) policy issues such as digital TV, spectrum and intellectual property policy are featured. IT@RIETI aimed to analyze the impact of ICT from a variety of perspectives including infrastructure, service and economic models. We also discussed these issues with policy-makers such as METI, MPHPT, the IT Strategic Headquarters of the Prime Minister's office and IT-related industries.

Working Group of NEAT

The Network of East Asian Think-tanks (NEAT), established based on a proposal by the East Asian Vision Group (EAVG) and the East Asian Study Group (EASG) under the auspices of the ASEAN+3 summit meeting, is a Track II (unofficial) network of research institutions that complements official government-to-government (Track I) relationships. The first meeting of NEAT was held in Beijing, September 2003; the second in Bangkok, August 2004; and the third in Tokyo, August 2005. The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI), as one of the six working groups established in 2005, has conducted joint research with its international counterparts under the theme "Promoting Economic Integration in Asia through Resolving New Global Imbalances." The fourth meeting was slated to be held in Kuala Lumpur, August 2006. RIETI has commenced research under the theme "Trade-FDI-Technology Linkages in East Asia" as one of the working groups set up in 2006.

Corporate Governance Japan

Corporate Governance Japan is now completed. This project aimed to report fresh observations and promote lively debate about ongoing change within Japanese corporations.

Studies on the Japanese Innovation System

This report provides the results of a survey conducted in 2002 on the state of Japanese companies' collaboration with external partners - particularly universities - in research and development activities.