Corporate Governance Japan

Corporate Governance Japan is now completed. This project aimed to report fresh observations and promote lively debate about ongoing change within Japanese corporations.

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  • "Corporate Governance, Human Resource Management and Firm Performance," DTI Economic Paper (2005)
  • "Corporate Governance: An International Review" (May 2005)



014: Corporate Social Responsibility and Socially Responsible Investment, Japanese-style


Arif ZAMANResearch Fellow, Henley Management College

Tepco, Parmalat and Enron. These names, by the admission of senior executives in all companies, are now synonymous with corporate irresponsibility. Indeed, the issue of trust - in business, governments, media and pressure groups in particular - is perhaps one of the most urgent challenges of our time and one that has no borders. This was highlighted at the Davos Economic Summit in January 2003 and can also be seen in the broader context of confidence - by customers, employees, shareholders and also communities - in business policy and its translation into practice. Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment have provided opportunities for companies to align their activities with broader societal expectations.


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