Technical Issues

How to view PDF files

We provide the handouts distributed at conferences in PDF files.

It requires Adobe Reader, available at (free).

For your reference, RIETI uses Acrobat version 7.0 to prepare files.
If your Adobe Reader version is older than version 7.0, you may have problems opening the downloaded file properly.
In such a case, please access the above mentioned URL and download the latest version from the Adobe Systems homepage.

Some of the files may include Japanese fonts. Should you experience any problems viewing the PDF files please install the relevant "Asian font pack" for Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Some PDF files published on this website are extremely large. Opening such large PDF files in your web browser may cause problems, depending on your computer environment and how much memory is available.
The file size (the number in brackets immediately following the colon)is noted in the hyperlink for all PDF documents. For large files, we recommend that you download the file before attempting to read PDF documents.

How to download PDF files

  1. Place the cursor over the PDF hyperlink and click on the RIGHT button on the mouse (Windows).
  2. A pop-down menu should appear. Choose "save target as," from the pop-down menu and click on the LEFT button on the mouse.
  3. Select the folder into which you want to save the file, change the file name if desired, and click save. The file has now been downloaded and saved and can be read at any time, simply by double-clicking on the file.

How to view on-demand videos

Conference proceedings can be viewed by on-demand, streaming video.

Viewing requires the Windows Media Player, available at (free).

For best performance, we recommend downloading the latest version and updates available.

NOTE: Internet Explorer or Netscape (ver. 7.1 or above) is required to use the Index function on the movie viewing page.

Free RSS News Syndication Service

The RIETI website offers the convenience of RSS feeds which provide a means to view and deliver new and updated content posted on the RIETI website (compatible with RDF1.0).

To get started

Copy and paste the following URL into your RSS feed reader. Setup differs depending on which RSS feed reader you use. See the instructions of your RSS feed reader for details.


RIETI provides free RSS news syndication service if used solely for private, non-commercial use. Please note that RIETI cannot provide technical explanations of RSS or its use.

*RSS (RDF Site Summary) is a format for syndicating news and website content
*RSS feed reader is a software application that enables viewing of headlines and descriptions for subscribed channels.