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Roundtable Discussion Series

The challenges posed by the Great East Japan Earthquake are formidable by any standard. Reconstructing the country into a more resilient society and economy is a task that requires concerted efforts on the part of government, the private sector, and academia. Based on this understanding, RIETI held a series of roundtable discussions in May and June, each time inviting a business leader with proven expertise for discussion with RIETI Chairman Atsushi Nakajima and a RIETI researcher on post-disaster reconstruction and challenges ahead.


Miyakodayori was a bimonthly Asian economic policy newsletter published by RIETI from October 2000 - September 2003. It is now discontinued. The newsletter featured the analyses of writers living in Japan or associated with RIETI.

RIETI Policy Debate

RIETI Policy Debate aims to give rise to on-the-Web discussions and make policy proposals by presenting, in a concise and timely manner, RIETI fellows' views and proposals concerning government policies and current issues and inviting opinions from researchers, policymakers and journalists. Views and proposals expressed are solely those of respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the RIETI.