The RIETI Trade Industry Database (RIETI-TID) is based on the United Nations Comtrade Database and classifies all trade goods based on the integrated broad categories of the Japanese Input-Output table, and further organizes them by production process for each industry. In creating this database, we have focused on industries with active trade transactions within the region in order to understand the manufacturing activities in East Asia.

HS classification data is also published in addition to the existing SITC classification data starting with RIETI-TID2017.

RIETI-TID2022: SITC classification data and HS classification data

RIETI-TID2022 (SITC Classification) RIETI-TID2022 (HS Classification)
Classification Table of Trade Goods by Production (SITC) Classification Table of Trade Goods by Production (HS)
Year SITC classification data HS classification data
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Notes on using the database

  • Retroactive corrections have been made to the Taiwan SITC data up to 2017 as some omissions were found in the reclassification of Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance data from HS classification to SITC classification when compiling the Taiwan SITC data. (For details, please see "RIETI-TID (SITC 13 Classification)").
  • For each country's imports from Taiwan, the value of each country's exports as announced by the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, Taiwan, is multiplied by 1.1 and is converted to CIF, but it was found that this conversion process had not been implemented for 2019 (SITC 13 classification and HS 14 classification). Data have been corrected.
  • Data on this site are data available at the time the data was obtained from UN Comtrade. Discrepancies may occur if data of certain countries are missing at the time of acquisition and/or if (retroactively) compared with data reacquired at a different point in time. Therefore, data up to one year prior of the latest year are updated and published as final data together with the release of the data from the latest year.
  • Data for certain countries and/or regions are acquired differently. Discrepancies may occur when the total of these countries and/or regions is compared to that of the original source.
  • RIETI-TID is classified and organized in a unique way that may not match differently categorized data.
  • RIETI-TID is not intended for the purpose of comparing trends over time.
  • We have ended the use of the RIETI-TID search function as of March 2021.
  • We ask that you read and agree to our site policy before using RIETI-TID. By using RIETI-TID, you agree to the terms and conditions described in our site policy as stipulated in the link below.
  • Please credit RIETI-TID when using the database.
  • It would be appreciated if you could send us a copy of your research findings upon publication.


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