Corporate Governance Japan


Dr. Gregory JACKSON [Editor]

Dr. Gregory Jackson RIETI Visiting Fellow (until March 31, 2006)
The changes to corporate governance in Japan have often been little noted or misunderstood by foreign observers. I hope this site will contribute to bringing the latest Japanese developments into international focus, and promoting a more fruitful dialogue about the diversity of practices in different countries and companies.

ARIKAWA Yasuhiro [Editor]

ARIKAWA Yasuhiro RIETI Faculty Fellow (until March 31, 2006)
Hello. It is a great honor for me to join the editorial team of "Corporage Governance Japan" site. Corporate governance in Japan is rapidly changing today. Through this site, I would like to contribute my utmost to help you better understand the changes Japanese companies are undergoing. Thank you.

AKAISHI Koichi [Advisor]

Special Assistant to President and Fellow, RIETI
(until March 31, 2003)
Special Assistant to Director-General, ANRE, METI (current position)