Message from the Editor of Corporate Governance Japan


"Corporate Governance Japan" was founded as an on-line forum in autumn 2002. The objective is to promote broader understanding and lively debate about the ongoing process of change within Japanese corporations. Corporate governance refers broadly to the patterns of control and decision making within corporations. Today, Japanese corporations find themselves challenged by pressures of internationalization and new demands on their institutions of corporate governance. Moreover, changing governance practices have roots in domestic politics, legal reform, shifting social values, new technologies and unintended consequences of Japan`s past institutional development. These challenges make it necessary for Japan to look forward, while learning from past strengths and the experiences of Europe, North America and other Asian countries.

Our forum is non-partisan. We invite opinions and frank debate in English or Japanese among practitioners from corporations, policy makers, and scholars. We hope these efforts will also help to communicate recent developments in Japan to a broad international audience.

Dr. Gregory JACKSON
Visiting Fellow
ARIKAWA Yasuhiro
RIETI Faculty Fellow