Research Programs: Law and Economy

Intellectual Property and Standardization—Strategy and Policy

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

SUZUKI Masabumi

SUZUKI Masabumi (Faculty Fellow)


AOKI Reiko

AOKI Reiko (Faculty Fellow)

Leader (until November 18, 2016)


Intellectual property (IP) and standardization strategies are considered critical in the 2016 Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy ratified by the Cabinet and in the government's Artificial Intelligence Strategy Conference. In the past, Japan has been active in securing IP rights and standardization in technologies such as chemistry and electronics. The mixed results are the reflection of the increasing intensity of worldwide competition in IP and standards, as not only firms but also nations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia engage in their strategic use. This has resulted in more IP litigation and intervention of competition authorities in matters related to IP and standards, leading to challenges and new approaches to standardization and litigation rules.

In this project, we first examine past IP and standardization strategies and policies thru statistical analysis of data, case studies, and economic theory. Based on the analysis, we present strategy and policy options for new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, that best utilize Japan's strengths, notably those in scientific fields and technologies in which it leads.

July 5, 2016 - March 31, 2018

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