Research Programs: Innovation

Study on Industrial Innovation Capability and Innovation Infrastructure

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


NAGAOKA Sadao (Program Director, Faculty Fellow)



The creation of new knowledge and exploiting such knowledge for solving social and economic problems is the cornerstone of innovations. This project studies industrial innovation capability and the institutional infrastructure for innovation from this perspective. One key element of industrial innovation is a combination of knowledge and capability across borders and organizations. This project examines such capability of Japanese firms from an international comparative perspective with U.S. and European firms. The studies for institutional infrastructure will include those on the disclosure function of the patent system, the measurement of patent premiums in the United States and Japan, a broad-based analysis of university industry collaboration (including that for developing industrial absorptive capability for science), and technology-based startups. The project also has a pilot component on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for innovation research.

July 28, 2015 - June 30, 2017

Major Research Results


RIETI Discussion Papers


RIETI Discussion Papers


RIETI Discussion Papers