Research Programs: Regional Economies

Regional Economic Structural Analysis and its Application to Regional Creation

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


NAKAMURA Ryohei (Faculty Fellow)



We extend our original "Regional Economic Structural Analysis" which has been developed over the last decade, and seek to apply it to the national policy issue "Regional Creation."

In this project, the following seven topics are considered:

(1) The role of regional wholesale in terms of enhancing export and regional employment
(2) Investigating regional money leakages in large factories by using individual firm data
(3) Applying endogenous expenditures in a regional input-output (IO) model and testing regional economic circulation
(4) Developing an employment IO model and its application to small/medium sized cities
(5) Analyzing the export effect related to interregional migration of creative classes
(6) Regional portfolio analysis and finding a favorable industrial composition
(7) Identifying regional basic industries and local multiplier analysis

July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2017

Major Research Results


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