Research Programs: International Trade and Investment

Studies on the Impact of Uncertainty and Structural Change in Overseas Markets on Japanese Firms

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

ZHANG Hongyong

ZHANG Hongyong (Fellow)



In this project, we focus on the economic (policy) uncertainty and structural change in overseas markets and theoretically and empirically study three related sub-projects. First, we examine the impacts of US-China trade war and increasing protectionism and uncertainty on international trade, investment and firms. Second, using firm-level data, we investigate the relationship between macro- and micro-level uncertainty and firm behavior including investment, employment and internationalization (both exports and FDI). Third, we analyze the structural change and impacts of trade liberalization on labor markets in major countries like the United States, China and Japan from a medium- and long-term perspective. The results are expected to provide evidence useful for the formation of economic, trade and industrial policy in Japan.

November 5, 2018 - October 31, 2020

Major Research Results


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