Research Programs: International Trade and Investment

Comprehensive Research on the Current International Trade/Investment System (pt. IV)

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

KAWASE Tsuyoshi

KAWASE Tsuyoshi (Faculty Fellow)



The main subject of this research project for this period is development of multilateral rules on digital trade. The Internet now is an indispensable means of trade in real goods and services, and in the age of the Industry 4.0, digital information including Big Data is subject to trade in the same manner as goods. Such transnational expansion of the digital economy compels urgent development of international rules that assure free and non-discriminatory digital trade. The rules on this subject have been developed mainly in the context of regional economic integration (FTAs, EPAs), however, lately we have recognized the necessity for rule-making in multilateral forums, in particular, the WTO, for this purpose. Against this background, in this project, members will engage in basic research on digital trade rules, starting with studies on regulatory impediments to the free flow of data and comparative analysis of digital trade rules in FTAs/EPAs.

This project also continues the coverage of studies on the international economic law on competitive neutrality and WTO case law from the preceding period.

December 18, 2017 - November 30, 2019

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