Research Programs: Raising Industrial and Firm Productivity

East Asian Industrial Productivity

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


FUKAO Kyoji (Program Director, Faculty Fellow)



Increases in productivity provide a key source of economic growth, especially for countries like Japan, where the labor population is shrinking. The East Asian Industrial Productivity Project, in cooperation with Hitotsubashi University's Global COE Project "Research Unit for Statistical and Empirical Analysis in Social Sciences" (G-COE Hi-Stat), seeks to annually update the Japan Industrial Productivity (JIP) Database and conduct analyses of Japan's industrial structure and productivity trends. Moreover, the Project aims to construct a China Industrial Productivity (CIP) Database for analyses of the Chinese economy, for which--even though it is a driving force of global economic growth--sufficient official statistics are unavailable. Furthermore, by linking up with Harvard University's World KLEMS project and the European Union's World Input-Output Database (WIOD) project, the East Asian Industrial Productivity Project will make it possible to conduct comparisons of productivity trends for countries around the world, including Japan and China.

April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2013

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