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Comprehensive Research on the Current International Trade System

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

KAWASE Tsuyoshi

KAWASE Tsuyoshi (Faculty Fellow)



The main subject of this research project for this period is the legal and economic analysis of international trade in cultural media products and relevant cross-border investment activities. Recently, in appealing for the necessity for the new growth strategy, it has been pointed out that Japan has competitive advantage in the export of cultural contents. The "Cool Japan" project has been launched as a specific attempt to utilize this advantage.

However, the protection of industries engaged in the production of cultural goods, such as cultural media products, or in the provision of relevant services is intricately related to issues that are of constitutional concern, such as those of national identity and the freedom of speech. For that reason, it is often argued that cultural goods and services should not be subject to trade and investment liberalization.

This research project aims to clarify problems in the current international trade rules in the context of "trade and culture" issues, and seek to identify the optimal rules governing international trade in cultural goods and services.

July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2013

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