Policy Research Domains (Major Policy Research Domains)

III. Formulating Japan's Strategy in Response to Globalization and Deepening Economic Interdependence in Asia

As the world economy becomes increasingly globalized, particularly as Asian countries rapidly develop closer economic relations, Japan needs to establish a comprehensive strategy for implementing policies that respond to international trade rules - such as those under the WTO and FTAs - and facilitate trade and investment. With an aim to contribute to the formulation of Japan's international strategy for developing trade and other policies, RIETI will conduct analysis on the value chain of trade, direct investments and technological development in Asia, as well as the transformation of Asia's monetary and foreign exchange systems, thereby presenting policy proposals for Asia and the world. At the same time, RIETI will survey and sort out cases of the actual implementation of trade rules, analyze the economic conditions and trade strategies of Japan's major economic partners, and conduct research on business environments and other factors that influence the successful operation of Japanese companies in the global arena.

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