Policy Research Domains (Major Policy Research Domains) III. Formulating Japan's Strategy in Response to Globalization and Deepening Economic Interdependence in Asia

Study on Business Strategy and Rules for Globalization in the Energy Business Sector

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


SHIRAISHI Shigeaki Consulting Fellow



2008 - 2009

Thus far, this project has examined economic globalization as a multiple game and has identified its realities and challenges with the intent of developing effective policy recommendations for productivity improvement in the context of economic globalization. Building on these results, we will study the specific developments in the re-organization of European electric power and gas businesses through cross-border M&A from the perspective of business strategies. In addition, while taking into account the responses of the European Commission and member states to these developments, we will examine what may be considered to be a desirable framework for such rules. This project will be undertaken jointly with the OECD/IEA.

September 1, 2008 - August 31, 2009

Major Research Results