Policy Research Domains (Major Policy Research Domains) II. Promoting Innovation and Strengthening International Competitiveness

Regional Innovation and Corporate Management in East Asia

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

ASAKAWA Kazuhiro

ASAKAWA Kazuhiro Faculty Fellow



SANBONMATSU Susumu Consulting Fellow



2006 - 2007

In recent years importance has been placed on metanational management in which companies do not rely entirely on home country advantage but acquire and leverage management resources worldwide, building competitive advantage on a global scale. However, at present, the mainstream approach is, as in the past, one of global innovation in which large corporations in industrialized countries play the pivotal role. In view of this, the recent trends in the liquid crystal display (LCD) industry in East Asia are worth noting. The process of industry creation based on innovation chains in the East Asian region, centered on Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan can no longer work in conjunction with the supremacy of industrial countries or ethnocentrism. In our research we study new trends in this global innovation, focusing on (1) the LCD industry in East Asia and (2) the development of SMEs in East Asia, with the intention of analyzing the new evolution of global and regional innovation and of drawing implications for Japanese corporate management and industrial policy.

Until June 30, 2007

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RIETI Discussion Papers

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