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Building innovation capability and incentive: evidence from micro data

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


NAGAOKA Sadao (Program Director, Faculty Fellow)



Strengthening the capability of Japanese industry to realize innovation in a sustained manner is essential for enhancing the economic growth of Japan and for enhancing its contribution to the solutions of social issues such as global environmental problems. This study focuses on developing the capability and incentives for innovation. More specifically, we investigate (1) the ability to exploit science, (2) global competition and the utilization of global knowledge and human resources, (3) the spread of the "4th Industrial Revolution" and its dynamics, and (4) the assessment of the effects of R & D in terms of uncertainty, knowledge stock and spillover, (5) R & D support policies and (6) intellectual property systems that promote the commercialization of science-based inventions.

July 20, 2020 - June 30, 2022

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