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Study on system and management of global data & AI utilization - toward the establishment of a global data supply chain

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


WATANABE Toshiya (Faculty Fellow)



In this project, we will study the following three issues related to data utilization both domestically and across national borders in terms of decision making by data providers and from the perspective of existing data users.

The first issue is data transfer restrictions across national borders. Regarding data utilization contracts governing overseas cooperation overseas and how they will affect data utilization, there is concern that data localization and regulation will hinder global data utilization. Based on this point, in order to obtain basic knowledge for establishing an international (cross-border) "data supply chain," a questionnaire will be conducted to determine the following:
1. What is the actual situation of cross-border data utilization with overseas organizations?
The protected data system that will be protected by the revised Unfair Competition Prevention Law is also expected to be used for data utilization in the near future. We will attempt to understand the actual situation of utilization on this point.
2. What is the influence of amendments to the Unfair Competition Prevention Law on the decision making of data providers?
Furthermore, with regard to the AI data contract guidance organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we will investigate whether enterprises and other entities are able to use it and how the guidance effects contracts.
3. We will investigate the main issues of the AI data contract guidance in terms of the actual situation and the effects of the guidelines.

We will conduct a questionnaire survey and an interview survey to examine these objectives and international data contract guidelines will be developed in this project.

March 18, 2019 - February 28, 2021

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