Management and Utilization of Data Generated in Firms: Understanding the Actual Situation Using Questionnaire Surveys

Author Name WATANABE Toshiya (Faculty Fellow, RIETI) / HIRAI Yuri (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) / YOSHIOKA-KOBAYASHI Tohru (Hitotsubashi University) / KANAMA Daisuke (Kanazawa University) / TATSUMOTO Hirofumi (The University of Tsukuba) / FURUYA Maho (Japan Intellectual Property Association) / NAGANUMA Manaka (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Creation Date/NO. March 2021 21-J-017
Research Project Study on system and management of global data & AI utilization - toward the establishment of a global data supply chain
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With the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, effective use of data has become an essential topic for firms in all industries. At the same time, data utilization has been carried out not only in-house but also in collaboration with external organizations. Therefore, in this study, we conducted a questionnaire survey of Japanese firms for the purpose of grasping the actual situation of data utilization and clarifying what factors are important to achieve results of data utilization. We analyzed how Japanese firms utilized data, how they collaborated with external organizations when they utilized data, and other issues. Based on a past questionnaire survey, we compared the current situation with the situation three years ago. In addition, we examined the actual situation of cross-border data transactions and considered what form cross-border contracts should take.

Published: Hirai, Yuri, Hirofumi Tatsumoto, and Fumihiko Ikuine, 2022. "Questionnaire survey on data utilization in Japanese companies: Focusing on the differences between listed and unlisted companies," Journal of Intellectual Property Association of Japan, Volume 18, No. 3 (2022), 5-17.