Research Programs: Industry Frontiers

Development of New Indicators for Service Sector Analysis and EBPM

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


KONISHI Yoko (Senior Fellow)



Through the spread of utilization of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) technology in recent years, due to the provision of data and technology, it is becoming possible to analyze industries and evidence-based policy making (EBPM) which was difficult hitherto. The purpose of this project is to develop new economic indicators that complement government statistics for the service industry where the proportion of the gross domestic product (GDP) and labor market has increased and statistical data is strongly required in order to grasp the actual state of the economy. Specifically, we aim to propose highly useful data points such as sales trends, competitiveness, business confidence, and productivity, and implement empirical analysis using them. Among the service industries, we attempt policy evaluation and proposals using EBPM methods with big data on infrastructure closely related to daily life such as logistics, communication, and finance.

December 19, 2017 - November 30, 2019

Major Research Results


RIETI Discussion Papers


RIETI Discussion Papers