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Empirical Study on the Management and Utilization of Data Generated from Industry

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


WATANABE Toshiya (Faculty Fellow)



In this study, we carry out a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the data held by Japanese firms, and create a panoramic figure (business ecosystem) showing the ownership structure of the data in each industrial field. Moreover, we consider what kinds of contract conditions are appropriate to share the data. By analyzing the created panoramic figure, this study can be expected to provide a discussion about how Japanese firms should use the data and how industry should be evolved. Specifically, we try to figure out the following:
1) In what kinds of technological and industrial fields do Japanese firms hold data? What kinds of data and how much of them do Japanese firms possess?
2) How do Japanese firms manage the data?
3) To what extent do Japanese firms give other firms permission to use the data via contracts?
4) What kinds of terms are contained in the contracts?
5) Do Japanese firms have a strategy for the usage of the data? What kind of strategy do they have?
6) What kind of information should be collected as data using IoT, etc. going forward?

At the same time, discussion sessions on contracts dealing with data access rights will be organized by inviting intellectual property (IP) professionals with a focus on the Antimonopoly Act. The kinds of contract conditions that are reasonable and fair both for data providers and data users will be discussed in order to supply a fundamental framework for data contracts which are expected to be organized in the near future.

August 1, 2016 - September 30, 2018

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