Research Programs: Regional Economies

Dynamics of Inter-organizational Network and Geography

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

SAITO Yukiko

SAITO Yukiko (Senior Fellow)



We examine the dynamics of inter-organizational networks, focusing on the "power of network" as a source of Japanese firms' competiveness, driven by strong connections between organizations. Inter-organizational networks are inter-firm transaction networks and networks related to knowledge spillover. While there exists geographical friction in the construction of these networks, these networks spread globally across country borders. In order to make use of the "power of network," it is necessary to construct efficient networks against other countries as well as strong inter-organizational networks domestically. We focus on the following themes to obtain policy implication for supporting network construction.

1. How reducing geographical friction changes inter-firm transaction networks which relate to firms' performance and inter-organizational collaboration networks and citation networks accompanied by the effect on productivity of knowledge-creating activities.
2. How domestic transaction networks are related to international trade and how both networks change when interacting with each other. We attempt to obtain policy implications about the construction of efficient networks considering both direct trading and indirect trading.

May 31, 2016 - April 30, 2018

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