Research Programs: Regional Economies

Regional Economies in the New Era of Globalization and Informatization

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


HAMAGUCHI Nobuaki (Program Director and Faculty Fellow)



This research aims to foment the discussion on active and creative regional policy with evidence from empirical studies taking into consideration important mega trends such as population decline and aging, globalization, and advanced informatization with the practical application of robotics powered by artificial intelligence. Specifically, we will study: (1) regional distribution of vanishing job categories by the introduction of artificial intelligence based on the extinction probability calculated by Frey and Osbome (2013), as well as its effects on future demographic patterns; (2) the impact of globalization on local firm performance in the Hokuriku region, taking into consideration the effect of industrial agglomerations, access to hub ports, and the newly opened Hokuriku shinkansen; (3) the impact of increased imports of labor-intensive products on local labor markets through product-level analysis; (4) and the impact of global competition, domestic production consolidation, and large-scale natural disasters on local production network structures.

August 4, 2015 - March 31, 2017

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