Research Programs: Human Capital

Research on the Asian Business and Human Resource Strategy of Japanese Companies

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


ICHIJO Kazuo (Faculty Fellow)



Expanding business operations in Asia and the rest of the global market is vital to the growth of Japanese companies. However, corporate Japan still does not have sufficient knowledge and expertise with regard to Asian and global business, which are primarily attributable to the lack of research on best practice. Thus, in this research project, we will conduct scientific research on the cases of Japanese companies' business operations in Asian countries--particularly China and India--to identify key factors for success. Our research findings will be delivered in the forms of research papers and a set of case studies. A distinctive characteristic of this research project is its vision of building a human resource development center for training future global managers by utilizing the resulting accumulation of such case studies.

August 17, 2011 - July 31, 2012

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