Policy Research Domains (Major Policy Research Domains) II. Promoting Innovation and Strengthening International Competitiveness

Organizational and Strategic Challenges for R&D Internationalization of Japanese Firms: A managerial approach

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

ASAKAWA Kazuhiro

ASAKAWA Kazuhiro Faculty Fellow



2008 - 2009

Recent changes in trends in R&D internationalization underscore the limited explanatory powers of existing "conventional theories." It can be said that a tectonic shift is occurring in global R&D systems encompassing both the advanced and developing regions of the world (Asakawa and Som 2008). We need to re-examine "conventional theories" in order to develop a new analytical framework that corresponds to existing conditions. With this issue in mind, this project seeks to identify new trends in R&D internationalization using the latest data available from questionnaire surveys conducted in the R&D headquarters of Japanese firms and their overseas R&D centers. In particular, the project aims to analyze current conditions and issues related to organizational and strategic aspects. The micro-level analysis of firms and their overseas R&D centers developed by this project and the macrodata developed by the OECD and other organizations are expected to be complementary to each other.

March 31, 2008 - December 31, 2009

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