Policy Research Domains (Major Policy Research Domains) II. Promoting Innovation and Strengthening International Competitiveness

An Integrated Approach to the Raising of Productivity at the Macro, Industry, and Company Levels

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


NISHIYAMA Yoshihiko Faculty Fellow



2006 - 2008

Referred to by terms such as the "lost decade," the 1990s are regarded as a period of declining productivity. However, it is not clear what really caused a decline in productivity at the macro level. A number of causes are conceivable, such as declines in the productivity at individual firms, the entry of firms with low productivity, and the exit of firms with high productivity, but finding the actual causes requires an empirical approach. That requires examination with a combination of an appropriate economic model and appropriate statistical methods, but among existing studies there is nothing suitable that can be applied directly in this regard. From the standpoint of seeking desirable sustainable growth for the future, an important issue to address is that of gaining a unified understanding of changes in the substructure at the company and industry level, together with changes at the macro level. In our research we adopt a comprehensive approach to this issue from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.

Until June 30, 2008

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