Research Programs: Policy Assessment

Establishing Evidence-Based Policy Making in Japan

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


YAMAGUCHI Kazuo (Visiting Fellow)



In the preceding research project "Promoting Evidence-based Policy in Japan", we have studied how to promote Evidence-Based Policy Making (EBPM) in Japan. EBPM has also been introduced and promoted in central and local governments since 2017, which is the time the preceding project was started. The examples of the US and UK as the first advanced, overseas cases of the EBPM permeation, have also spurred interest within Japan. The following issues, however, remain: (1) how can Japan adopt EBPM into the existing policy formations and evaluations, (2) how can EBPM be promoted in existing individual policy implementations, and (3) how can cooperation and coordination between policy makers and academic scholars be promoted?

This project will advance the following: (1) We will research methods of establishing and promoting EBPM in Japan. Specifically, by conducting research on the advanced overseas cases of its implementations, we will create the institutional design for establishing EBPM in Japan and formulate related guidelines for government administrators (2) We will create more opportunities that enhance the benefits for both policy makers and researchers to cooperate in creating individual cases of applying EBPM. (3) We will disseminate the outcomes of our research through symposiums, BBL seminars, columns and books in order to promote awareness about the importance of EBPM among policy makers, government administrators, researchers and the general public.

April 15, 2019 - March 31, 2021

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