Research Programs: Regional Economies

Regional Economy and Roles of Regional Finance in the Post COVID-19 World

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

YAMORI Nobuyoshi

YAMORI Nobuyoshi (Faculty Fellow)



This research project will grasp the effects of COVID-19 and consider what regional finance can do in order to realize regional revitalization. First, we will conduct a corporate questionnaire survey to clarify the status of the use of various support programs that the government has provided in response to COVID-19 and the status of support provided by regional financial institutions. Second, using various survey results that RIETI and our research team have implemented, we will analyze the support activities of regional financial institutions (for example, recruitment services and start-up support) and management measures (such as business integration). Third, we will analyze the resilience of local economies and the response of local companies to external shocks using government statistics.

September 14, 2020 - August 31, 2022

Major Research Results


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