Research Programs: Special Projects

RIETI Data Management Project

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

ODA Keiichiro

ODA Keiichiro (Research Coordinator)



MORIKAWA Masayuki (Vice Chairman & Vice President)



KONISHI Yoko (Senior Fellow)


UCHINO Taisuke

UCHINO Taisuke (Research Associate)


ARAKI Shota (Fellow)



The data in RIETI's possession can be categorized as follows: data available at relatively low cost, which research institutions would ordinarily be expected to have on hand; large-scale datasets purchased by individual research projects for use in their research; and data generated by these research projects (including the results of questionnaire surveys). The purpose of this project is to develop infrastructure for facilitating a more efficient utilization of these datasets by users. An additional purpose of this project is to serve as a forum for active discussion of related topics within RIETI, with an eye to considering the possibility as well as methods to make these datasets available to both researchers and the public at large as a source of new knowledge.

Having accumulated considerable expertise in handling microdata in the possession of RIETI, we will also try to create convertors for statistics data matching that enable researchers to quickly access and analyze microdata. By enhancing our handling of data, we will be better equipped to deal with the new Statistics Act and improve the existing value and uniqueness of RIETI.

April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2015