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Research and Development on Systems for Analysis of Next-Generation Energy Statistics and Demand/Supply Trends

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

KAINOU Kazunari

KAINOU Kazunari (Fellow)



The general energy statistics (fiscal 2005 edition) and prefecture energy consumption statistics (fiscal 2006 edition) developed by RIETI currently are used as official statistics for purposes of the Japanese government's energy and environmental policies. In recent years, the government has begun new statistical studies and materials beneficial for further improving estimation methods are being developed in areas such as energy-consumption statistics on tertiary industry and motor-vehicle-fuel consumption statistics for the transportation sector. For this reason, next-generation general energy statistics and a demand-supply analysis system will be developed, with the goal of adoption in 2012, a turning point in energy and environmental policy as the end of the First Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol.

April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012