Research Programs: Human Capital

The Effect of Diversity on Economic Growth and Business Competitiveness

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


HIGUCHI Yoshio (Faculty Fellow)



From the mid- and long-term perspective, the biggest constraint on Japanese economic growth is the contraction of the labor force and domestic demand. Minimizing the demographic constraint is a major premise to return the Japanese economy back on a sustainable development track. To address this problem, we need to create and sustain a society in which females can fully exert their potential.

The project aims to perform empirical research on the impact of women's participation and leadership on economic growth and business competitiveness, and find methods on how to accomplish this specifically. We also seek to obtain more information to capture a better picture of highly skilled foreign professionals as a potential workforce and the actual state of female entrepreneurs. We aim to examine the effects of diversity on economic growth and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

May 27, 2014 - March 31, 2016

Major Research Results


RIETI Discussion Papers


RIETI Discussion Papers


RIETI Discussion Papers