Research Programs: Human Capital

Reform of Labor Market Institutions

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

TSURU Kotaro

TSURU Kotaro (Program Director, Senior Fellow)



In order to study a new "form" for Japan's labor market institutions, and types of reform, we will organize a study group that will conduct theoretical and empirical research from various perspectives such as law, economics and management. While looking broadly at labor market institutions as a whole, we will also look into the interrelationships of each constituent part, and in particular will make suggestions regarding a comprehensive system of labor laws and policies from a standpoint that transcends vertical segmentation and boundaries. When conducting our analysis we will fully embrace international viewpoints and methods of analysis, including experiences from Europe and elsewhere, and will attempt to elucidate the relationships between labor laws and institutions and the labor market and employment systems, and in turn the relationship with economic performance.

May 31, 2011 - March 31, 2014

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