Research Programs: New Industrial Policy

Globalization, Innovation, and Competition Policy

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


KAWAHAMA Noboru (Faculty Fellow)


OHASHI Hiroshi

OHASHI Hiroshi (Program Director, Faculty Fellow)



The globalized economy has entered into a new phase in which economic growth remains sluggish for a long time, particularly in the developed countries. Against this backdrop, it has become a worldwide trend to pay more attention to competition policy and its underlying theories. Competition policy in Japan is also expected to have an important role in maintaining vigorous competition in the marketplace and thus spurring market-oriented innovations. Such innovations are considered essential in order to foster economic vitality in Japan. In this research project, we examine what direction competition policy should take where the impact of globalization and the importance of innovation have become immense. Comparative studies are conducted, and the knowledge and insights gained from legal studies, economic analysis, and practice are complementarily used in the research process.

July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2015

Major Research Results


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