Research Programs: New Industrial Policy

Issues Faced by Japan's Economy and Economic Policy: Demand, productivity, and sustained growth

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi (Faculty Fellow)



UNAYAMA Takashi (Faculty Fellow)



This project will clearly identify the issues faced by Japan's economy, separating them into those concerning demand and those concerning supply, and analyze the feasibility of policy intervention and the policy effects that can be promising. In developing new growth fields, there is a need to identify and nurture demand appropriately. It has become clear that demand always tends to saturate. Overcoming this tendency toward saturation and generating new demand continually is essential to achieving sustained growth. This project will make clear the mechanisms of generating new demand to achieve sustained growth and resolve the issues Japan faces and analyze the roles played by increases in productivity and by economic policy in sustained growth, from a variety of perspectives.

April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012

Major Research Results


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