Research Programs: Regional Economies

Seeking Sustainable Regional Economies in the Economic Globalization Age

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


NAKAMURA Ryohei (Faculty Fellow)



In the economic globalization trend, international, inter-industry transactions as well as intra-country, inter-regional transactions and resulting location behaviors are gradually having important meanings for regional economies. Individual regional economies have their own roles according to their economic size and locational properties. We investigate the successful inter-industrial relationships within a region to attain sustainable regional economies by applying the urban hierarchical model.

Based on regional properties, we conduct input-output/social accounting matrix (IO/SAM) analysis, computable general equilibrium (CGE) modeling, new economic geography (NEG) approach, and multiple equilibrium approach with trying new developments in methodology. Finally, we look for regional policies using several simulations of changing regional economic structures.

July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2015

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