Research Programs: Regional Economies

Research of a Mechanism for Regional Revitalization

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


NAKANISHI Hodaka (Senior Fellow)


OZAKI Masahiko

OZAKI Masahiko (Senior Fellow)



The Great East Japan Earthquake destroyed local industrial infrastructure and resources in extensive areas in the Tohoku region. While some of the most severely affected municipalities virtually collapsed, various systems for supporting the local economy and people's lives have been seriously weakened in many other affected areas. In order to enable these affected local communities to remain sustainable and develop under such difficult circumstances, it is necessary to propose a new mechanism or framework for the local community.

In this research project, we will explore a new community mechanism in terms of the modality and functions of municipalities and examine the potential impact of new public management (NPM) on municipalities. We will also look into the possibility of a regional economic bloc as an aggregation of municipalities. In doing so, we will look at two specific policies, namely, what impact industry-academia-government collaboration can have on the local economy and whether and how the utilization of electric vehicles can help revitalize the peripheral areas.

August 29, 2011 - March 31, 2013

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