Policy Research Domains (Adjacent Basic Research Areas) B. Regulatory Reforms and Evaluation Frameworks for Deregulation

Progress in the Introduction of Nuclear Power Generation in East Asia and the Current Situation and Challenges in International Cooperation for Ensuring Nuclear Safety

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


SAGARA Nozomi Consulting Fellow



2008 - 2009

The world is currently in the midst of what has been called a renaissance in nuclear power generation. In the East Asian region, a total of 90 nuclear power plants are presently operating in Japan, China and South Korea. Among such emerging economies as Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, plans are moving forward for the introduction of nuclear power plants within seven to thirteen years. As such, nuclear power related policies have advanced to the point where they must be approached from a comprehensive perspective that covers all aspects of a nuclear power program, beginning in the planning stage and extending through to safety regulations in the operational stages. This requirement applies equally to domestic and international programs. Against this backdrop, activities for international policy harmonization in this field have been moving forward on a number of levels involving international organizations and sub-global, regional and bilateral initiatives. This project focuses on the East Asia region and attempts to determine the types of coordinating functions indispensable for international policy harmonization initiatives and the measures that Japan should implement to promote appropriate nuclear power generation introduction plans in the region while ensuring safety.

February 10, 2009 - July 28, 2009

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