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Study on Factors of Regional Revitalization

Project Leader/Sub-Leader

OZAKI Masahiko

OZAKI Masahiko Senior Fellow




The Japanese economy is losing the potential for economic growth under the adverse demographic conditions of low fertility and aging population. Specifically, in regional areas, economies have already been floundering and their status is becoming critical. If these regional economies are revitalized by the utilization of their unique resources, a recovery in the Japanese economy will become possible, along with the invigoration of Japanese innovation through the synergy of various local ideas.

However, the efforts made regarding implementation of regional policies by the central government and the strengthening of local authorities, have not resulted in regional revitalization because of the following three issues.

  1. The regional policies implemented by the central government may not correspond with the characteristics of each particular region.
  2. Public policies in the local areas may lack a synchronicity from the viewpoint of economic theory, financial theory and organizational theory.
  3. Public policies in the local areas may not be able to keep up to speed with changing regional needs.

The purpose of this research is to clarify the necessary factors to bring about regional revitalization, by considering the above-mentioned problems through literal research and hearing surveys.

September 15, 2010 - March 31, 2011

Major Research Results

Major Research Results


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