Policy Research Domains (Adjacent Basic Research Areas) A. Institutions Related to Financial and Labor Markets, and New Corporate Law and Governance

A Study on the Reform of Governance Structure in the 1990s and Transformation of the Parliamentary System

Project Leader/Sub-Leader


NISHIGAKI Atsuko Senior Fellow



2009 - 2010

The political structural reform that took place in Japan in the 90s (election system reform, Diet reform, and administrative reform) was based on the British parliamentary cabinet system (Westminster model). Now, Japan's parliamentary cabinet system is undergoing an overhaul. However, the formation process of the parliament and the legislation process are very different between the Parliament of England and Japan's traditional system. Furthermore, there are differences between the countries' two-house systems such as the role of the Parliament (Diet) and the Cabinet. Therefore, in order to move toward the intended direction of structural reform, we have highlighted the remaining areas of the current political system that still require reform. This project aims to point out the remaining issues and analyze the relation between the political mechanism and the basic structure of the parliamentary cabinet system by examining the constitution.

June 2, 2009 -

Major Research Results