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Call for papers on "IZA/RIETI Workshop: Changing Demographics and the Labor Market"

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December 9,2014

*The deadline for paper submission has passed.

1. Background and Purpose

The old-age dependency ratio--the ratio of the population aged 65 and over to the population aged 15-64--is projected to increase significantly in many countries, reflecting the diminishing fertility rates and increasing longevity in these countries. The corresponding ratios in Japan, Spain, Italy, and Greece are expected to grow to over 60% in 2050 from around 25% in 2000, according to projections from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This rapid aging of the population poses a significant challenge for societies, including rising deficits in public pension accounts. Many countries aim to respond in part by increasing the employment rate of groups of people who occasionally have been marginally attached to the labor market, such as youth, women with children, and the elderly, in order to help address this challenge.

The IZA Journal of Labor Policy and RIETI have joined forces to present research that will help policymakers tackle the challenge of increasing employment to help counter the economic effects of population aging.

This special issue aims to explore policies and other factors that support the employment of youth, women in general and women with family responsibilities in particular, and the elderly, and to consider how these might help mitigate the challenges of population aging, as well as other effects--such as on the labor market prospects of other groups.

Authors are invited to submit original papers addressing areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Promising practices or policies in schools or work places to promote the employability of youth, particularly for less-skilled youth.
  2. Identifying policies or practices that work as obstacles for youth employment or their skill acquisition.
  3. Identifying policies or practices that hinder the labor market participation of women.
  4. Successful work-life balance practices or policies to promote the employment of women and men with family responsibilities.
  5. The extent to which anti-age discrimination legislation is effective at enhancing the employment opportunities of the elderly.
  6. The complementarity of alternative policies and practices to promote elderly employment.
  7. The effects of promoting elderly employment and employment of other groups on labor market outcomes of different age groups.

We are seeking mainly original contributions, but we also welcome syntheses of existing research that will be useful to policymakers.

In order to disseminate the research presented in the workshop, and considering their strong interest in the labor market and policy issues, the editors of the IZA Journal of Labor Policy have decided to devote the forthcoming articles to the topics listed above.

As a requirement for participating in the workshop, papers presented at the workshop will be submitted for possible publication in the journal.

The manuscript will undergo the standard editorial procedures of the journal.

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3. How to submit your papers

Submit your papers to: Online Application Form

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4. Deadline

By the end of March 15, 2015 (GMT)

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