Patient Acceptance of AI in Medical Institutions

Author Name IWATA Kazuyuki (Matsuyama University) / MORITA Tamaki (Yamanashi Prefectural University) / TSURUMI Tetsuya (Nanzan University) / MANAGI Shunsuke (Faculty Fellow, RIETI)
Creation Date/NO. April 2020 20-J-021
Research Project Macro & Micro Economics of Artificial Intelligence
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This study incorporates two dimensions of AI in medical institutions. First, we determine the patients' priority of the medical services that AI can provide. Second, we elicit the patients' Willingness To Accept (WTA) value for AI robots that deliver bad news (months to live). With a survey of 15,001 samples taken from all over Japan, we found: (1) People consider "accuracy of diagnosis" as most important, followed by "communication with doctors," and (2) people like to receive bad news from human doctors, but if such bad news is to be delivered by AI, the form of the AI robot that is preferred differs depending on the situation.