TABUCHI Takatoshi

The below information is as of October 31, 2021. It may differ from the current information.

TABUCHI Takatoshi

TABUCHI Takatoshi

Faculty Fellow (until October 31, 2021)

Professor, Faculty of Global Management, Chuo University

Activities at RIETI


Analysis of urban agglomeration economies, spatial equilibrium, interregional differentials, social welfare in the context of urban economics, new economic geography, international economics, and spatial competition theory

Research Projects


1983 Ph.D. in Urban Planning, Harvard University
1979 M.A. in Urban Planning, The University of Tokyo
1977 B.A. in Urban Planning, The University of Tokyo


2020- Present Professor, Faculty of Global Management, Chuo University
1998 Professor, The University of Tokyo
1996 Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
1991 Associate Professor, Kyoto University
1988 Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
1983 Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba
1979 Research Associate, University of Tsukuba

Selected Publications and Papers

A Handbook of Transport Economics, "City Formation and Transport Costs," chapter 6, eds. André de Palma et al., Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, forthcoming in 2011
Spatial Economics, Yuhikaku, 2011 (with Yasuhiro Sato and Kazuhiro Yamamoto) (in Japanese)
Urban and Regional Economics, Yuhikaku, 2008 (with Tatsuaki Kuroda and Ryohei Nakamura) (in Japanese)

Papers Published in Refereed Journals
"Multiproduct Firms in Hotelling's Spatial Competition," CIRJE Discussion Paper No. F-674, University of Tokyo, forthcoming in Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.
"Self-organized Agglomerations and Transport Costs," Economic Theory 42, 565-589, 2010. (with P.M. Picard)
"Beyond the Home Market Effect: Market Size and Specialization in a Multi-Country World," Journal of International Economics 79, 259-265, 2009. (with K. Behrens, A.R. Lamorgese and G.I.P. Ottaviano)
"Regional Specialization, Urban Hierarchy, and Commuting Costs," International Economic Review 47, 1295-1317, 2006. (with J.-F. Thisse)
"Agglomeration and Trade Revisited," International Economic Review 43, 409-436,2002. (with G.I.P. Ottaviano and J.-F. Thisse)
"Urban Agglomeration and Dispersion: A Synthesis of Alonso and Krugman," Journal of Urban Economics 44, 333-351, 1998.
"Two-stage Two-dimensional Spatial Competition between Two Firms," Regional Science and Urban Economics, Vol.24, pp.207-227, 1994.
"Urban Agglomeration Economies in a Linear City," Regional Science and Urban Economics, Vol.16, pp.421-436, 1986.