SOEYA Yoshihide

SOEYA Yoshihide

SOEYA Yoshihide

Faculty Fellow (until March 31, 2004)

Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Keio University

Activities at RIETI


Politics and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region, US-China-Japan Relations, Japan's External Relations and Diplomacy


81.09-83.12; 86.09-87.03 Doctoral Program, Department of Political Science, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. (Ph. D. in Political Science in 1987)
79.04-81.03 Master's Program on International Relations, Graduate School of Sophia University, Tokyo (Master of International Studies)
75.04-79.03 Department of English Language and Studies, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Sophia University, Tokyo (B.A.)


2001- Faculty Fellow, RIETI
1995- Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Keio University, Tokyo
1993-1995 Visiting Fellow, Program on International Economics and Politics, East-West Center, Honolulu, as an Abe Fellow (on leave from Keio University)
1991-1995 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University, Tokyo
1988-1991 Assistant Professor, Same as above
1987-1989 Lecturer, Sophia University, Tokyo
1987-1988 Researcher, Research Institute for Peace and Security, Tokyo
1984-1986 Academic Assistant, Institute of International Relations, Sophia University, Tokyo

Selected Publications and Papers

[ English only; for publications in Japanese, visit Japanese profile ]
-"Taiwan in Japan's Security Considerations," The China Quarterly, No. 165, March 2001.
-"The Cold War in Asia: The Korean Peninsula as a Structural Nexus and the Role of Japan," The Ending the Cold War in Korea: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives (edited by Chung-in Moon, Seoul: Yonsei University Press, 2001.
-United Nation's Peace-keeping Operations: A Guide to Japanese Policies (co-authored with L. William Heinrich and Akiho Shibata), Tokyo, New York, Paris: United Nations University Press, 1999.
-Japan's Economic Diplomacy with China, 1945-1978, London: Oxford University Press, 1998
-"Japan: Normative Constraints Versus Structural Imperatives," Asian Security Practice: Material and Ideational Influences (edited by Muthiah Alagappa), Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1998
-Japan's Dual Identity and the U.S.-Japan Alliance, Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, 1998
-"Vietnam in Japan's Regional Policy," Vietnam Joins the World (edited by James Morley and Masashi Nishihara), Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, 1997


2000- Member of the Goverment's Council on Defense Facilities
1999-2000 Member of the Prime Minister's Commission on Japan's Goals in the 21st Century (under the late OBUCHI Keizo)
2000- Board of Directors, The Japan Association of International Relations
2000- Board of Directors, Research Institute for Peace and Security
1999- Internatoinal Councilor, The Asia Society